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Original tile floor and wall coverings.

As Karoistanbul, we reproduce handmade flooring and wall finishing tiles which belongs to all cultures in the world with the universal basic art morals. We add aesthetical value to the unique, handmade and almost extinct tiles by compounding uniting our atelier experience with the modern and visionary attitude of our designers.


Every one of the cement tile produced under the Karoistanbul carries their traditional handmade character in their quality. With our modern techniques, custom-made productions in any style, volume or size are possible. We are glad for contributing to make this craft a focus of interest all over the world again which has been facing the threat of extinction except for a few small ateliers in Morocco and Vietnam after 1950.    

Our team

Zekai Bostancı


Songül Vurdu

General Manager

Buse Ocakoğlu

Design Engineer

Demet Çalışkan

Export Sales Manager

Ceren Keleş

Export Sales Team

Yeliz Toplar

Operation Coordinator

While Karoistanbul respects the past, it does not hesitate to increase the quality of its products and increase its variety by using the technology.

Karoistanbul Fine Arts Atelier has been able to preserve these artisanal tiles, which have nearly disappeared. Transforming these high level and aesthetic tile experiences, into products. Combining past experience, with universal art values. All of the tiles we produce preserve traditional, handmade character.


Hand work involves an effort to produce the perfect product, ultimately it should be understood as a sensation of the hand. Karoistanbul is continually developing new products in its ever increasing product line using the latest technology.


Supporting the skill of its production, with the efforts of R & D. The talents of our design team, the skills of its masters, and the possibilities of our engineering come form the philosophy of Karoistanbul production. Karoistanbul is the union of beauty, function, craft, nostalgia, the durability of today and silky elegance.


Karoistanbul, increasing its market position by selling products to all continents of the world, gives priority to the efficient use of raw materials and energy in accordance with the standards of developed countries. Karoistanbul is based on clean production and adopts the principle of protecting the environment and working in a healthy, safe environment.


Adopting continuous innovation as a principle; quality priority, preferred by all, sensitive to environmental issues, customer-oriented solutions to produce.

Karoistanbul aims to be the leading company in the world by prioritizing customer satisfaction and expectations.

Barbaros Mahallesi, Ardıç Sokak, VARYAP MERIDIAN, D:G2/17, 34746 Ataşehir, Turkey

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