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For indoor and outdoor, traditional and modern tiles, terrazzo  and ceramics…

We are very proud of ourselves for contributing to making the near extinction encaustic cement tiles, which not produced after 1950 except for a few small workshops in Morocco and Vietnam, to become again  the center of attention all over the World, again. 


As Karoistanbul, we are re-producing handmade floor and wall covering tiles which have been widely used in many cultures in the past with universal art ethics.


By combining our long years of workshop experience with the modern and visionary attitude of our designers, we add aesthetic value to almost forgotten tiles.

With our modern techniques, We are able to make bespoke production in any desired pattern, color and size.

Cement Tiles Project Drawing

In 1975, the foundations of Mavi Pencere were laid by Painter Zekai Bostancı in a small art studio in Istanbul Moda.


In the 1950s mosaic and tile manufacturers had started to be uncapable to compete with industrial products such as ceramics, linoleum, granite, which were relatively quicker and easier to produce than patterned mosaics tiles, they became unable to make production in a very short time. As a result of a forced defeat they had to leave this area.


A patterned tile which is a typical Mediterranean material made by pouring cement, marble powder, aggregate and pigment into the mold and pressed with high pressure, also known as ‘’carreaux de ciment’’, started in France in the 1850s, spread all over the world from the Mediterranean Region to North Africa and from there to the Far East.


In 1980, in this small atelier, besides painting, production of stained glass, mosaic panel, ceramic tiles and fresco also terrazzo was started in the point of view of Tatbiki Güzel Sanatlar .


In the 1990s, R & D studies were begun  on tile mosaics and  all the obtained findings referred to the subject  during those long years had  been recorded. Thus a disappearing craftmanship and culture has been protected.


Mavi Pencere Güzel Sanatlar Atelier team has started to produce this traditional material with developing it as technically and aesthetically in 1997 and they institutionalized under the name of KAROİSTANBUL

In the view of the obtained data during  the R & D studies in the 1990s, the most common two problems of mosaics - stain- and water absorption weaknesses - were minimized by high pressure pressing method. Thus, the quality and durability of these products were increased.

Our team

Zekai Bostancı


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Songül Vurdu

General Manager


Demet Çalışkan

Export Sales Team

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Gözde Taşova

Export Sales Team

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Yeliz Toplar

Operation Coordinator

Betül Sinanoğlu


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Betül Sinanoğlu

Graphic Designer

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Gülay Alçınkaya

Domestic Sales Manager

3D Concrete Tile
3D Concrete Tile

Karoistanbul gets inspired by the past and aims to improve  the quality of its products and to expand the range by using today's technology.

Therefore, this is why Karoistanbul is called as a pioneer in its field.

3D Concrete File
3D Concrete Tile
3D Concrete Tile

Karoistanbul Fine Arts Workshop acts to protect this almost lost craft.

Karoistanbul aims to maintain its traditional handmade character in all the products it produces, to combine each product with universal art values and to produce high quality tiles and tiles aesthetically.

It supports the production ability with R & D studies and uses the latest technologies.

Karoistanbul quality is a collection of design, engineering and craftsmanship skills.

Karoistanbul carries the hidden nostalgia of the past tiles to today, transforms them into durable products in line with the needs of today and gives life to the spaces  by equipping each tile with silky elegance.

Karoistanbul aims to increase its exports to all countries, particularly to Europe and the Middle East.

Karoistanbul never compromises on production with high quality raw materials.

Karoistanbul is committed to clean and healthy production, protecting the environment and working in a safe environment.


Since its establishment, Karoistanbul's priority is to produce sustainable and innovative solutions that are sensitive to the individual and the environment in the sector in which it operates.

It aims to be the leading company in the floor covering sector by prioritizing customer satisfaction and expectations.

Bedroom Cement Tiles

Karoistanbul supports the ecological life with the use of eco-friendly raw materials and respectful  production consciousness to  the nature.

Since the production of each tile is one by one by hands of our craftmans, each tile is unique, special and not a copy of another tile. Contrary to the common feature of industrial products; It adds value to your living spaces with its rarity and warmth.


Unlike many products that are tried to be naturalized afterwards,

the naturality of Karoistanbul products comes from its own essence.