Interlocking Cement Tile

We are delighted to use  Karoistanbul products, which are a perfect  complement to combine traditional designs with contemporary designs in our projects, providing us with the opportunity to choose from a variety of colors and motifs, which are a masterful combination of hand labor and patience.

We would like to thank Karoistanbul family and artisans who always look forward to protecting our values ​​that will leave to future generations.


We are so happy with our Karo Istanbul tiles. From the design phase to color matching, from production to delivery, the team has been of the highest level of quality and professionalism. The technical team worked with us to make our custom tiles a reality and the export team worked above and beyond normal expectations to get our tiles to us in Wales. Our tiles are truly something I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you Karo Istanbul! 


For me and for my team, Karoistanbul is beyond the brand they’ve created with the endless pattern, color and size options they offer for wall and floor cement tiles and ceramics, the long years of experience in production and sale.

With Karoistanbul team, we have had many projects that we turned the impossibe into possible and we have had many projects with innovative solutions.

Their participation in the design and enthusiasm like a project partner enabled us to sign very successful works to carry and interpret this challenging production which can be called as a legacy from the past.

Thanks to their brands, stability and great sacrifice, they are in many places we love and live in our life today. Their success is the highest at overseas projects  just like at domestic projects...

I would like to thank and congratulate Karoİstanbul for choosing the difficult and not the easy in production, for keeping a production alive from the past, for combining the past with the present, and for showing the courage to try every day the new.


Karoistanbul has brought the mosaic culture that is about to disappear again to our agenda. Not only that, it  has opened a new adventure for our creative solutions. Now, they produce for us the tiles we have designed.  We used their tiles with  pride on the floorings of the Turkish Trade Center in London which we did the design.

                                                           KEREM ERGINOGLU


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