How is the mosaic restoration done?

Karoistanbul, acting with the responsibility of an art institute. It tries and records the options consisting of many color components in order to reach the colors in the pattern. After the test tiles produced in this way have been cured, and wiping and polishing is applied; Karoistanbul compares the test tiles and the original tiles. When the most accurate result is reached, production starts.

Karoistanbul also;

Apart from patterned tiles, it contributes to the restoration works by realizing the original reproduction of the stair steps and mosaic floors of the old buildings.


With the help of a magnifying glass, the size/ density of the aggregate and the type of stones / minerals are determined. Thus, it is ensured where the tile is produced and which geographical region the raw materials belong to. As an expert detective in pursuit of a lost object, we evaluate every detail with great care.


First, sample or samples are taken from the tiles used in the buildings to be restored and these samples are subjected to a technical examination and processing to reach the original color and texture.

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Why Karoistanbul?

Karoistanbul has the potential to create the pattern mold of the sample patterns in the desired dimensions in accordance with the original of the project in the mold workshop within its own structure in line with the demand from the institutions undertaking the restoration of the historical buildings.

It has a laboratory that can safely test bending, strength, fracture, water absorption, abrasion, aggregate size, etc.


The founders of Karoistanbul are graduated from ‘’Applied Fine Arts and Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts’’.

As a result of the education and the morality the founders had from ‘’Applied Fine Arts and Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts’’, they chose their teammates from among those who have the sensitivity and responsibility of the artist. This team, which performs its work with great love and as an art, gives reliance to institutions and individuals interested in restoration.

Steps of the process
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